Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Meetings

As part of the evaluation of the OFDA/CRED initiative related to the Emergency Event Database (EM-DAT), Technical Advisory Meetings have been implemented and are held once a year.

The objective of TAG meetings is to discuss and share with the TAG members different aspects related to the EM-DAT initiative and development. Those meetings produce a series of extremely useful recommendations for the continuous improvement of the EM-DAT database and its related proposed services.

Other Meetings

The EM-DAT team regularly organizes conferences, workshops and expert consultations on themes related to disaster occurrence and impacts, and on the methods and tools used to compile reliable disaster data for evidence-based decision making. These conferences and workshops are often organized in collaboration with other organizations and bring together a multi-disciplinary group of participants from NGO's, United Nations and governmental agencies, and academia.

Press Conference

At the start of each year, CRED and UNISDR organize a press conference to unveil the official figures of the number of natural disasters and their human impacts for the previous year. During these press conferences, the EM-DAT team presents the year's occurrence and impact figures across countries and disasters types and provide comparisons to the averages of the previous years or decade.

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