Other Meetings

Expert Working Group Meeting on Human and Economic Disaster Impact Characterization
7th October 2011

Meeting notes

Working Paper on Loss Characterization 

International Workshop on Geocoding in Global Database,
Munich, Germany
25-26th February 2010

Meeting notes

Agenda Participants (includes agenda, list of participants, and report)

Current Geocoding Situation at GDACS - Dr. Andreas Hirner (IPSC) - Click here to download PDF

Integration, validation and interpretation of Disaster Information - Carlos Villacis (GRIP) - Click here to download PDF

Georeferencing EMDAT: current situation and objectives - Femke Vos, Thomas Jakubicka, Regina Below (CRED) - Click here to download PDF

Developing a method to assess the human impact of disasters: initial findings for floods - José Rodriguez Llanes, Thomas Jakubicka (CRED) Click here to download PDF

ITOS Services for Humanitarian Mapping - Karen Payne (University of Georgia) Click here to download PDF

Expert Consultation on the Assessment of Physical Damages following Disasters,
Brussels, Belgium
19-20th March 2007

Click here to download PDF

Expert Consultation on Harmonizing Terminology of perils,
Munich, Germany 
17th May 2007

Click here to download PDF

Workshop to Improve the Compilation of Reliable Data on Disaster Occurrence and Impact,
Bangkok, Thailand
2-4th April 2006

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Regional Workshop on Improving Risk Knowledge
Bangkok, Thailand
14-16th November 2006

Regional Workshop on Building Risk Knowledge: Enhancing Applications of Disaster Loss Databases
Bangkok, Thailand
2-4th July 2007

Expert Consultation on Economic Data on Natural disasters,
Hazard Management Unit, World Bank
Washington D.C., USA
9-10th December 2004

Click here to download PDF


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