8th Technical Advisory Group Meeting

Bangkok, 11-13th December 2012
Expert Consultation on Sustainable Disaster Databases for South and Southeast Asia
With the support of USAID/OFDA, (GFDRR) and the World Bank.


Global disaster databases of research and private institutions: how can we do better?

  • EM-DAT: A global disaster database and its experience in South and South East Asia region (R. Below, CRED, Belgium)
  • Swiss Re Sigma catastrophe database overview (L. Bevere, SwissRe, Switzerland)
  • What disaster loss data do we need? (D. Herlich, JRC, Italy)

National databases: current initiatives and their challenges

  • Damage Analysis and Need Assessment in Vietnam (Bui Quang Huy, DMC, Vietnam)
  • Country Brief on National DRR DATABASES Architecture (E.J. Ollet, NDRRMC, Philippines)
  • Establishing Disaster Loss Database in Cambodia (O. Panhara, National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Planning, Cambodia)
  • Building Disaster Database in Indonesia: Disaster Data and Information of Indonesia (DIBI) (R. Yunus, UNDP, Indonesia)

Quality, accuracy and reliability of data: What are the options for harmonization and interoperability?

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Project Portal for Asia and the Pacific (B. Ho, ADPC, Thailand)
  • AHA Centre (J. Adhityawarma, AHA, Indonesia)
  • Development of earthquake catalogue for Bangladesh (M.A. Ansary, University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh)
  • Higher Education in Environment and Disaster Management Through University Networks (S. Matsuura, AUEDM, Japan)
  • Measuring economic and financial impacts: why and how?
  • Measuring economic and financial impacts of disaster: challenges and prospects: Lessons from Practical Implementation in Indonesia (I. Gunawan, World Bank, Indonesia)
  • Disaster data – global and local (P. Löw, MunichRe, Germany)
  • Damage and losses for assessing socio-economic effects (N. Ratanavong, UNESCAP, Thailand)

Social and human impact: targeting DRM programmes towards the people?

  • Essential factors of disaster data to make insight analysis of social and human impact (H. Baba, JICA, Japan)
  • Resilience and adaptation: coping with disasters in the traditional urban settlement of Bangkok’s agricultural fringe (D. Thaitakoo, Chalalongkorn University, Thailand)
  • DG Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (D. Verboom, EU-ECHO, Thailand)
  • The Human Impact of Disasters: Some data issues (M. Liu, ADBI, Japan)
  • The Curious Case of Disaster Epidemiology (D. Guha-Sapir, CRED, Belgium)
  • Prospects for collaboration (V.Thomas, ADB, Philippines)
  • Prospects for international collaboration: coming together to a better preparedness. Role of University Networks (K.S. Pribadi, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia)
  • Challenges, gaps, lessons (R. Sharma, UNDP, Thailand)
  • An Introduction to GEM and the Global Earthquake Consequences Database (GEMECD) (E. So, Cambrige University, UK)
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