Niko Speybroeck

Management committee: CODIR

Professor of Quantitative Epidemiology (research interests in the areas of epidemiology, biostatistics, spatio-temporal analysis, mathematical models, surveillance systems, epidemics)

+32 (0) 27 64 33 75
Dominique Vanpee

Management committee: CODIR

Professor of Medicine, President of the Institute for Research on Health and Society (IRSS)

+32 (0) 27 64 30 99
Nathalie Chaidron

Management committee: CODIR

Administrative coordinator of the Institute for Research on Health and Society (IRSS)

+32 (0) 27 64 34 61
Sandy Tubeuf

Research committee: Professor of Health Economics

Professor of Health Economics (research interests in the area of Health Economics, Labour Economics and Applied Econometrics

+32 (0) 27 64 34 54
Regina Below

Staff: Database Manager, Documentalist

Regina is a Database Manager and Documentalist at CRED, where she has been working for over 30 years. As technical support staff, she is involved in different activities at the centre and is in charge of the Emergency Events Database (EM-DAT).

+32 (0) 27 64 33 26
Damien Delforge

Staff: Postdoctoral researcher

Damien Delforge began his research career in 2013 at the Earth and Life Institute (ELI, UCLouvain), where he worked on hydrology and flood risk management. He completed a Ph.D. from 2017 to 2020 at UCLouvain and the Seismology and Gravimetry department of the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB), specializing in machine learning tools and causal analysis of data. In 2021, Damien joined the CRED team to work on developing the EM-DAT database.

Cinzia Lanfredi Sofia

Staff: Postdoctoral researcher

Cinzia Lanfredi Sofia has a Ph.D. in Earth System Sciences, a Master's degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technology, and a Master's degree in Geomatics and Natural Resources Evaluation. She is currently involved in a pilot project for disaster impact data collection with EM-DAT. Her expertise includes natural resources management, rural development, and disaster risk reduction. Cinzia's responsibilities in the project include identifying stakeholders, providing training on data collection methods, supporting pilot projects, and evaluating their effectiveness.

Margo Tonnelier

Staff: PhD Student

Margo Tonnelier holds a Master's degree in Public Health from UCLouvain. She is in charge of epidemic-related activities of EM-DAT project and she studies the Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) following disasters.

Géraldine Delestienne

Staff: Research Assistant

Géraldine is a humanitarian project manager with 10 years of experience responding to disasters in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. She holds a BA in political science, an MA in humanitarian operations management, and is finalising an MPH in health systems and policy. She joined the EM-DAT team in February 2023,providing assistance with project management, strategy , fundraising, partnership, and communication tools.

Valentin Wathelet

Staff: Database Development, Main Attaché

Valentin holds a Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences (Clinical Biomedical Sciences Specialization) from the Université Catholique de Louvain. Interested in software and database development, his work focuses on the EM-DAT database and its usability. He started the development of the new EM-DAT public portal, working now part time on the project.